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Mr. Pearl is one of the best magicians in Korea. Although he won Grand Prix both in Korea and Japan in close-up magic competitions, his true competence comes from his experience of performing as a bar magician for 10+ years.


COVID-19 situation is getting better, and there will be more and more gatherings and gigs for you. It is time to upgrade your performing repertoire with Mr. Pearl's secrete weapons!

Every single material in this lecture is meant to be performed live. Mr. Pearl isn't only a master of the matrix, but also a master at impromptu card magic.

After working 10+ years at a bar as a magician and fooling numerous magicians who dropped by, Mr. Pearl is finally ready to share his secrets with us.

By getting Pearl's Bundle, you will be able to attend Mr. Pearl's live lecture and receive a copy of Pearl's Coin($47) via email.


"I have just watched the DVD Pearls Coin by Mr. Pearl and I must say I'm very impressed by the clean execution and magical content of his work. Coin magic has come a long way since J B Bobo's Coin Magic. This DVD will delight coin magicians considerably. The effects will be familiar: coin productions, matrix, coins across, coins, and glass. classic plots, however, the methods and techniques produce really clean effects. I am very impressed with this DVD and I am confident it will introduce The Coin Magic of Mr. Pearl to a wider global audience. Highly recommended."

-Michael Vincent





Platform: Zoom

Duration: 2 Hours

Time: 11 AM ET 4/25/2021



Is the lecture in English?

Yes. Zee will be there to translate for you.

Is Pearl's Coin in English?

Yes, it has subtitles.

Will I receive a recording of the lecture after the lecture?

Yes. It will be in your email within 24 hours of the lecture ends.

I can't attend the lecture, but can I still get a recording of the lecture if I buy ahead?


How difficult are Mr. Pearl's materials?

There are virtually no knuckle busting techniques, so even a beginner can handle the contents

Will I be able to purchase the bundle or the lecture after 4/25?

Pearl's Coin will still be available after the lecture, but we don't sell recordings of the lecture afterward.

Things you can learn upon request during the lecture: