Moon's Lecture

Moon's Lecture

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Performing on Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde didn't fulfill him...

After winning numerous awards with his stage act, Ki-Moon Do decided to conquer the close-up world with his uniquely simple style of routines.



Moon's Lecture by Ki-Moon Do

8 Close-up Routines & 2 Weirdly Interesting "THINGS" from an Award-Winning Artist


In Moon's Lecture, you will learn:

Use a Toy Knife To Do an Incredibly Visual "Color Change" 

Appearance, Change, and Transportation Effects All-In-One. Extremely Visual Sandwich Routine

Ace Production with an Extra Finale. An Effect That Went Viral On Instagram!

Card Transpo Effect Using a Phone

3-Phase Packet Trick with a Finale That Guarantees Reactions

Beautifully Streamlined Collector Routine

Card 2 Pocket with Extra Visual Elements (This Will Change The Way You Perform Card to Pocket)

Powerful Open Prediction Designed To Be Used As A Show's Opener

Make Confetti Appear Out of Nowhere

Turn a Wand into a Cane Like A Classy Boss


Lecture Details:

Time: December 12, 7 PM EST
Platform: Zoom
Language: English


You will receive an email with an invitation link 1 hour prior to the lecture. Zee will be in the room before the lecture starts, so please feel free to drop by 1 hour early and hang out with Zee!

Will you get a recorded lecture after the live so you can either re-watch it or wasn't able to make it to the live lecture? OF COURSE! YES YES YES!

PS: Moon speaks Korean but Zee will be there to translate for you!


Moon's Lecture List of Contents:
- Chucky 2
- Visual sandwich
- Allegro Ace Production
- Exodus
- Buddy Buddy
- Simple Collector
- Card to Pocket
- Opening Prediction
- Storm Gimmick Performance Idea
- Wand to Cane Routine