WORKER Z (feat. Memesmagician)

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 Ellusionist produced this for Zee… BUT EVEN THEY DON’T HAVE IT YET!

As one of the perks of being an awesome subscriber here, you get to have early access to a project that hasn’t even hit the market!

Zee was always uneasy about sharing the routines he performs in real-life with other magicians because he was selfishly keeping all the good stuff to himself… until now!

A project packed with practical routines and fascinating methods.



Worker Z by Zee J. Yan

10 techniques/tips and 11 routines, over 2 hours of training, a $50 project with a hefty discount, and a SCHWIFTY free bonus...

...for JUST $25.


List of Contents:


- Sly Switch

- Tappy Steal V. 1

- Tappy Steal V. 2

- Bush Steal

- ROPS Move by Michael Rubinstein

- ROPZ Move

- The Last Vanish

- Table Tilt

- Bluff Pass Tips

- Half-Packet-Mid-Air-Switch



- Air Triumph

- B Triumph

- Plastic Card

- 3 Coins Across V. 1

- 3 Coins Across V. 2

- 3 Coins Across V. 3

- Ambitious Card Sit-Down

- Ambitious Card Stand-up

- Ambitious Card A.O.E

- Sly Switch Application 1

- Sly Switch Application 2