Submit Magic

If you are interested in Zee presenting your amazing magic to his fans and friends, then you can submit your materials here!

The side effect of this collaboration could be Zee revisiting your materials with you to come up with more variations and touches!


Here is what happens if you collaborate with Zee:

  1. Zee will go over every single detail of your materials with you via skype to come up with even more variations and touches first.

  2. You will get a self-filming manual that you can use if you have no idea how to film proper trailers and tutorials

  3. Get a $100 shopping spree gift card that you can use on ANYTHING on Zee's website


Are you ready to become the spotlight among fellow magicians?


To-do List:

  1. Film a quick performance

  2. Film an explanation that is 90 seconds or less

  3. Upload these two videos as unlisted on YouTube

  4. Send me the links with descriptions along with your full name

  5. Done! I will let you know the result as soon as possible!