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A master class on coin magic disguised as a beginner tutorial.


The goal of HTDCM(How To Do Coin Magic) is to share Zee's tips and ideas on techniques and performances. Along the way, Zee also reviews 21 of the most relevant techniques in modern coin magic.


If you are a seasoned coin magician, then you will discover subtleties and ideas that will change your coin magic game for FOREVER!


If you are a beginner in coin magic, then you get to skip all the trial & error and learn only the best variations of all the techniques(Zee has handpicked 21 techniques that are still relevant in 2021 so you don't have to waste your time deciding which techniques to learn first)


In HTDCM, you will discover:

  • A conclusive guide on how to choose coins that best suit your hands and body
  • 4 ways to switch coins (with Zee's personal touches.)
  • 9 ways to palm coins (PLUS tips on making it feel natural)
  • 8 coin vanishes and productions (these are some of Zee’s favorites and it’s not hard to see why!)
  • A subtlety on one of the most used utility move that you can only find in HTDCM (How To Do Coin Magic)
  • 9 Performance tips that WILL elevate your coin magic performances
  • 5 of Zee's favorite effects that use ONLY borrowed coins

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