Coin magic ISN’T for everyone…

...which is why I made you this! 

Dear friend,

If you don’t know already, my name is Zee J. Yan...

… and here’s an honest AND important truth about magic I’m not afraid to share with all the world:

Coin magic simply isn’t for everyone.

Here are just a few reasons why people like card magic more:

It can be easier to create a plot for card magic.

Lots of card magic requires less sleight of hand (and less practice to get perfect.)

There’s more high quality card magic material to learn from than coin magic.

Now, don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying either type of magic is better, ALL magic has its place.

But all of us have an acquired taste, and just like some people love chocolate ice cream and hate the taste of vanilla…

...many of us simply like card magic more—and that’s okay, in fact, I’d even encourage that.

I personally adore card magic, and while I made my name in coin magic, I’ve got more than a few INCREDIBLE original routines/sleights I’d like to share with you today.

Now, seeing as you’ve just seen all my coin magic offering…

...I wanted to ‘top’ that and make this the most insane, high value deal you’ve ever been given.

Because if you’re willing to support a ‘no-name’ from the underground Asian magic scene like myself—you deserve to be rewarded.


Coin magic isn’t for everyone—which is why I made you this!

13 routines, 16 sleights, 1 hour and 20 minutes of training, 2 books, 10,000+ words, $144 worth of magic… a FREE bonus mentalism routine.

ALL for $19

When you secure this offer today, here’s what you’ll receive...

#1 My Card Project: ‘Smooth Zee’ (usually sold for $30)

This project features my ‘go-to’ card magic effects, that are so good, you’ll instantly add them to your regular performances.

Here’s what to expect from ‘Smooth Zee’...

- 6 Original Sleights and 5 Stunning routines, including:
- The completely original ‘cover pass’ (it looks like a super fair dribble, but can be used to control ANY card to the second position in the deck.)
- The ‘fat’ shuffle (a false shuffle that will ANNIHILATE audiences, and can be used at any time to pull off a quick and easy triumph)
- The logic shuffle (you’ll SWEAR your eyes are playing tricks on you when you see how fair this false shuffle is…)
- The ego control (my method to allow you to control a card ANYWHERE in the deck.)
- The double rift (a double lift tailored specifically towards parlor magicians, you can flip the card around and play with it as if it were a single card!)
- Quick arse (an ace transpo that’s super easy but will leave people reeling.)
- Marlonie change (a card color change that happens at your finger tips)
- Uncle triumph (a riffle shuffle triumph)
- Luh Transpo (super easy streamlined transpo you can do in seconds.)
- Butterfly Cheeseburger (sandwich routine with a crazy effect.)

#2 My Card Project: ‘The Invisible Pass Z’— Covering the Classics (normally sold for $20)

The invisible Pass Z is:

- A truly invisible CLASSIC pass.
- The most economical Top Cover Card Pass on the market.

#3 My Book: ‘ITOASU: Crowd Pleaser’ (normally sold for $35)

This 75 page ebook features 7 killer card routines that even beginners can handle.

With 63 high quality images and detailed explanation, this book is a fast and easy read from start to finish, but features some of the best routines I’ve ever created.


- Out of Her World (my solution to doing an out of this world routine without using any gaffs, one of the best ones on the market.)
- Shirotsuke (a lie detector with a kicker ending.)
- Might as Well (a no-set up trick that allows you to produce a 4 of a kind at will!)
- Glycine Poker (another no-set up trick where the spectator finds the one missing card from the poker hand you hold!)
- Reality Used to be Plastic- (They think of a card. You take off cellophane from the card box and crumble it into a ball. You blow on that ball of plastic and open your hand to find it turned into a playing card ball. That is the thought of card.)
- Card Explosion (Inspired by Garrett Thomas. The spectator’s selection turns into loose change and appears in the performer’s wallet’s coin pocket.)
- Red Beatles (an incredible time travel trick that ironically—happens instantly!)

#4 My Book: ‘Still Moving On: Advanced Techniques’ (normally sold for $50)

Still Moving On is a collection of advanced card & coin sleights and routines that beginners should STAY AWAY FROM for at least another 2 years.

Inside this MAMMOTH 142 page ebook (that highlights much of my life’s work) you’ll find:

In the Card Section:


- Randolf Palm (my solution to making a palm almost INVISIBLE, and getting the spectators eyes CLEAR away from your hands.)

- Clap Palm Transfer (palm multiple cards and transfer them easily…)

- Suorin Control (an invisible ‘no flash’ control that is so fair not even a magician could call you out on it.)

- Asca In-Jog (demonstrate a maximum amount of lack of control while having 100% control of the selection.)

- Not My Double (the perfect way to show a double card that works in any scenario)

- Ringdle Jog (after MONTHS of being spammed about how I perform my DPS so fast, I finally gave the answer…)

Also included in the cards section are my tips on:

- The Bluff

- The Cull


- The Overhand Shuffle

In the Coin Section:


- Rossi Vanish (an instant vanish that happens while a coin is balance on your fingers.)

- Mom’s Production (a way to produce coins from seemingly empty hands!)

- Son’s Production (my work on the mom’s production that I’ve NEVER seen anyone use, but is easy and fooling.)

Also included in the coins section are my tips on:

- The Himber Vanish

- The Classic Palm

- The Frozen Arm

- The Psai Production

- The Finger Grip Vanish

And my thoughts on:

- How to Choose Coins

- How to Handle Coins

- Vanishes

- Coins Across

#5 Your FREE BONUS: ‘1818: Séance’ (normally sold for $9)

1818 allows you to apparently communicate with the unseen forces.

All you need for this séance session is a deck of cards and a sharpie.

*If you ever perform 1818, then please brace yourself because everyone around you is going to scream like chimpanzees in a haunted house.

Now like last time, you might be thinking, all of this sounds great, but what do your current customers/friends think of your work?

Well first of all, over the past few days I’ve sold MORE products than ever before thanks to your support.

And so far, I haven’t had to offer a single refund...

Here’s all the feedback I’ve had so far:

"It's been said that you should practice until the difficult becomes easy, and the easy becomes beautiful. Zee has made the beautiful immaculate."

Eric Jones

“Slow. Gentle. Perfect.”

Branden Wolf

“I love his magic!”

Lawrens Godon

"Zee is one of the BEST sleight of hand artists I have ever known."

Henry Harrius

As you can see, I ONLY produce high quality, visually impressive and easy to learn magic.

And if you don’t agree—you can have your money back!

Introducing once again…


Here’s how refunds work with me:

- You don’t need a reason.
- You can ask for a refund at any time.
- I don’t care if you’ve learned every move and mastered every sleight, if you’re not impressed, there’s no point in us doing business and your money’s yours.

- Simply, if you want your money back, it’ll be safe and sound in your bank account before you can say: ‘Dai Vernon’

Any day, any time, any reason.

All that being said, it’s time for me to stop speaking, but before I do, you should know something…

...there’s only one catch when it comes to all this—this offer will ONLY be available for the next 72 hours.

That means, after 72 hours, if you want to get your hands on any of the projects outlined above, you’ll have to buy them at full price.

There’s a reason for that:

This deal is probably the most insane deal the magic world has ever seen, so I don’t want it up for too long...
I want you to make a decision, no-one likes having a nag in the back of their mind, so I’ll make it easy for you: either you buy in the next 72 hours or you don't.

Sounds good? Let's recap…

If you secure my card magic offering today you’ll get:

$144 worth of magic.
13 card magic routines
16 card magic sleights
2 books
1 hour and 20 minutes worth of training...
…and a crazy FREE mentalism bonus,

All for just $19