Thoughts on Coins Across

Coins across always has been my favorite plot in coin magic and most coin workers love it too. However, I have noticed many of them just do it without putting much thought into it.

In this blog, I want to share a few of my thoughts on coins across and these thoughts can also be utilized on other routines not limited to coins across or even coin magic.

First thing I want to bring up is that have you ever think of which hand to open first when you want to reveal a coin has traveled? It seems insignificant, but can make a huge difference. Most magicians just open up both of their hands to show that magic has taken place, however, it can massively decrease the impact of the effect. Let me explain..

To reveal coins have teleported from one hand to another, I tend to stare at my left hand to create more tension and to make my spectators to focus on my left hand so they can clearly see one coin has vanished when I open my hand. Since I already told everyone that coins will teleport from one hand to another, my spectators are most likely to think “no wayyyyyyy!! Did it really teleport?!?!!! I want to see his right hand!!!!!” when I only open my left hand. 

To fulfill their curiosity, I slowly direct their attention to my right hand and open it to show the coin actually teleported into my right hand. 

Btw I usually only use three coins for coins across routine. If you ever performed coins across for laymen, then you should have gotten comments like “yo, can you do that trick where you make a coin appear in my hand!” next time they see you. When they describe coins across to their friends, they tend to say “he made a coin appear in my hand!”. How do I know? I used to perform A LOT and many of my spectators grabbed their friends from other side of the room and describe the trick and ask me to do it again lol

From their description, you should be able to tell that first few travels do not matter to them as much. All they remember and care about is the last phase of the routine which is a coin traveling from my hand into their hand.

I see first few phases before finale as an introduction to the concept of coins teleport from one hand to another. The main effect of coins across is one coin teleport from my hand to spectator’s hand. When first coin travels, spectators get surprised yet still in disbelief. When second coin travels they start to question their existence🌝. When the last coin travels from my hand to their hand, they start to offer me their virginity.

If that is what people actually want to see, the ideal effect should be making one coin teleport from my hand to spectator’s hand without any extra coins or dual-reality/instant-stooge etc. However, that is impossible for me to do at this moment. That is why I add another coin to provide a cover for the load. However, people can definitely tell the difference between one coin in their hand and two coins in their hand. Therefore, I add another coin to make sure spectators do not notice there is an extra coin in their hand.

I said first few phases of coins across is an introduction to the concept of teleportation of coins, but it is just a fancy excuse of my inability to do the “real magic”. I cannot get from A to B directly so I add multiple layers to make the effect happen. That is just a stupid justification for being not good enough.